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About BioNet Pharma


BioNet Pharma GmbH emerged from former Scil Technology GmbH. The company, located in Martinsried/Munich, is highly experienced in the development of biopharmaceutical drugs with special know-how in demanding formulations. Whilst the portfolio already covers a variety of indications for development programs from the orthopedic field and dental surgery to rheumatoid arthritis, further indications are being added to our portfolio. In addition, the indications can be administered in several ways including medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs and finally regenerative medical products. Indications with high unmet medical needs are addressed, with the prerequisite to find the best formulation for maximum efficacy.

Track record:
Several projects have passed preclinical proof of concept and a further two development programs have successfully passed clinical phase II at Scil Technology. License deals have been concluded with leading pharma companies for development programs for different indications. 
Scil Technology distinguishes through its unique expertise in drug development covering the whole value chain from target validation up to clinical phase III.

It goes without saying, that Scil Technology seeks patent protection not only for proteins and drug targets and the production thereof, but also for formulation technologies and new fields of administration or application. 

Scil Technology, originated from the Scil Group in 2003. The Scil Group was founded by the late Dr. Stefan Engelhorn in 1999 who was a member of one of the families who owned Boehringer Mannheim, which was acquired by Hoffman La Roche in 1998.

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